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Behind The Ear Cochlear Implants

What Can They Do For You?

Most people simply don’t know the difference between hearing aids and cochlear implants. If you’re a person with hearing problems, it helps if you at least know what an implant can do. To have a basic understanding of cochlear implants, let us first emphasize that they have two important parts: the implant is inside the ear which helps your auditory nerve to improve hearing abilities while the external part aids in the transmission of sound with a microphone. 

Familiarity With Speech 


If you’re experiencing a hearing problem now, it may take some time to be familiar with the usual sounds that a normal person often hears. Typically, hearing aids provide sound clarity so the hearing impaired can communicate properly with the people around them. At the Listening Lab, our hearing care professionals can help Singaporeans to undergo reading and listening exercises after having the behind-the-ear cochlear implants. 


Healing Process 


A behind-the-ear cochlear implant obviously requires surgery. At the Listening Lab, our hearing care specialists usually recommend the hearing impaired take some rest for a couple of weeks. Then, the patient goes back for an ear check-up for further listening assessments. 




Hearing problems may be experienced by people from the young and old generations. However, hearing impairment is most likely to occur when you start to age. Seniors are often exposed to issues related to hearing loss. If you think you’ve been hearing excessive noises lately, visit us at the Listening Lab, your trusted hearing care center in Singapore. 


Back-up Accessories 


Even if you’re a person with hearing problems, staying home can’t be done all the time. It is important to have backup accessories when you decide to travel. We’ve compiled a list below to know a couple of things you might need: 


  1. Extra batteries (if applicable) 
  2. Extra wires 
  3. Extra speech processor 


Product Warranty 


Understanding product warranty saves you time and money. As a customer, you should understand terms and conditions even before getting a cochlear implant. If the device gets damaged, the warranty usually covers some parts and labor especially when it’s a newly purchased product. 


Get In Touch  

If you got questions that need to be answered right away, call us at 68175100. At the Listening Lab, we have a variety of products and services that can surely help people with their hearing loss. To book your appointment with us, fill out this form.