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Things You Need To Know

Before getting yourself a cochlear implant, it is important to know how you would feel convenient amid Covid-19. Nowadays, companies began to introduce new products and services that are somehow contactless. It’s simplified and there is no need to touch more buttons.

Clip-On cochlear implants allow wearers to take advantage of Bluetooth technology. Enjoy listening to music and talk to your friends with its hands-free feature. 

Easier to Pair With Sound Processor 

Technically, every cochlear implant has a sound processor that helps the hearing impaired to listen better even in crowded environments. Life is always easier with clip-on cochlear implants since it is very simple to pair with every sound processor. Typically, a device with a clip-on allows users to adjust volume and synchronization settings. 

Maintenance and Repair 

Even clip-on cochlear implants need proper maintenance and repair. At the Listening Lab, our hearing care professionals provide quality maintenance and repair services at affordable prices in Singapore. It is recommended to have the cochlear implant checked if you’ve been using it for six months or more. Smaller particles can penetrate the device which may lead to poor performance later on. 

Clip-On Cochlear Implant Replacement 

Generally, all clip-on cochlear implants are meant to last a lifetime. There are some exceptions when they don’t work the way they should. In this case, every person with a hearing problem should speak to a hearing care specialist. The good news is that every cochlear implant can be surgically replaced. 

Price and Warranty 

Prices always depend on a clip-on cochlear implant’s features. The more features you see, expect the price can be higher than usual. But with a cochlear implant, you get the value for money. The Listening Lab in Singapore may offer a warranty on some of its products and services.
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