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Off The Ear Cochlear Implants

Benefits of Off The Ear Cochlear Implants

A hearing loss is something that we have to deal with. It can be you or a loved one who may experience warning signs related to hearing impairment. The question is, is this the right time to have a Cochlear implant? What is the difference between hearing aids and Cochlear implants?  

Hearing aids try to intensify your hearing ability for a better listening experience and it does not require surgery. A Cochlear implant on the other hand needs a surgical procedure for people who have severe hearing problems. Additionally, it bypasses some parts of the ear that already have problems and directly takes the sound to your auditory nerve. 

When To Have One? 

Initially, most people who are suffering from hearing loss usually consider buying a set of hearing aids. However, not every person in the world can benefit from them. If you’re one of those who can’t restore hearing abilities through hearing aids, an off the ear cochlear implant can be good for you. 


One-Sided Ear 

There are some situations when a person only has hearing problems with the left or right ear. If this happens, our hearing care specialists can quickly diagnose your condition and recommend a one-sided off the ear cochlear implant. 


Sound Processor

An off the ear cochlear implant has a sound processor that generates filtered sound even in a noisy background. At the Listening Lab, cochlear implants offer direct audio streaming via Bluetooth and they are compatible with either Apple or Android devices. 


Proper Maintenance 

Cleaning of cochlear implants is highly necessary to maintain superior quality. The Listening Lab in Singapore provides consultation services to customers who are having trouble hearing. Before even buying one, you should seek professional help. Doing otherwise may lead to product damage. Some off the ear cochlear implants are considered waterproof, but you should know certain limitations. 


Insurance Coverage 

If your health insurance covers having an off the ear cochlear implant, then it’s a wise decision to take advantage of it. Otherwise, it can be more costly than just buying a new pair of hearing aids in the market today. 


Final Thoughts 


Hearing aids and cochlear implants always have pros and cons. If the pros outweigh the cons, it’s about time for wearers not to delay, so an off the ear cochlear implant can help them to listen better and communicate properly. At the Listening Lab, we provide fitting services along with a wide array of products.