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Candidacy Evaluation

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Find out if cochlear implants are suitable for you with our candidacy evaluation. During the evaluation, our qualified audiologists will run a few assessments to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. 

During the evaluation, you can expect the following: 

  1. Detailed medical history of your hearing.
  2. Recent hearing loss symptoms or issues. 
  3. A series of aided and non-aided hearing tests.
  4. Review results with the audiologist.
  5. Demonstration on how the implant works and explanation on its benefits.

Each of these important steps are taken to build a detailed case history for us to take note of during the entire journey, especially in consideration with your medical hearing history and any recent hearing loss symptoms.

Hearing tests

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There are many types of tests an audiologist can use to determine your type and degree of hearing loss, and the basic ones can include:

  • Pure tone sound test: During the test, the audiologist will play a series of pitches and tones through the headphones and the patient will signal when the sound is heard. This test is children-friendly and can also calm them down, if they are frightened or nervous in any case.
  • Speech recognition test: This test is similar to the pure tone sound test but uses words and sentences instead. This helps the audiologist to determine how well your hearing and speech understanding is through different mediums.
  • Bone conduction test: You will need to wear a metal band with an attachment, called a bone oscillator, on the mastoid bone behind your ear. Sounds are transmitted to the inner ear through the bone and tell the audiologist how well your hearing is and if there is a problem in the outer or middle ear. 

After reviewing the results with the audiologist, they can further advise you on whether you are a suitable candidate for the implants or if other treatments/aids are more suitable for you. 

With more than 4 decades of global and regional experience in the assessment of hearing, consultations, and treatments, we aim to be a safe space for both new and active users of cochlear implants. Book your candidacy evaluation appointment with us today to begin your lifelong journey of new hearing.

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