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Cochlear Implants Components

Cochlear implants is a small electronic device which is surgically implanted, bypasses the damaged portions of the ear and sends converted signals to different parts of the auditory nerves to process. Cochlear implants consists of two parts, the external portion that rests behind the ear and an internal portion that is usually surgically placed under the skin. There are many types of implant and processors, but to decide on which one suits you the best – depends on the degree and type of hearing loss you are suffering from. 

Here at Cochlear Implant (Singapore), we work with the HiRes Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant and Naída CI Sound Processor that are designed by our partner, Advanced Bionics, for optimal hearing experience and performance.

External component: Naída CI Sound Processor

(Photo by Advanced Bionics)

The processor is made out of 3 important components – the microphone, the sound processor, and the headpiece. 

Allows the cochlear implant system to capture the sound around you and in your environment. 
Sound Processor
Processes the audio signals collected by the microphone, which is then transmitted through the next component.
The audio signals are transmitted through the headpiece to the implant which is the internal part of the cochlear implant that is surgically placed under your skin.

Internal component: HiRes Ultra 3D Cochlear Implants

(Photo by Advanced Bionics)

In the implant itself, it is made up of several smaller components that work hand-in-hand together – the electrode array; the electronics package; the receiver coil; and the magnet. 


The implant is made up of several components – the electrode array; the electronics package; the receiver coil and the magnet. 

Electrode Array

This is designed to be inserted into the cochlear. It delivers 120 spectral bands of sound and assists you in understanding speech with more clarity and enjoy music better.


This provides a stable connection to the external headpiece.

At Cochlear Implants Singapore, we have more than 4 decades of global and regional experience in the assessment of hearing, consultations, and treatments. We aim to be a safe space for people who have undergone cochlear implant or are planning to, as well as for their loved ones too. If you are not sure which cochlear implant to choose, do book a consultation with us today to find out more about the cochlear implant treatment options out there.

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