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Online consultation

(Photo by Shemmassian Academic Consulting)

Cochlear implant treatment is a lifelong journey and assisted aid. It is understandably daunting for first adopters to feel nervous from what you might have read from various online informational platforms. We are here to understand and support you, from your first consultation to a lifetime of care. Our team of professional audiologists and surgeons will guide you through at every step of the way. 

Before you get your cochlear implants, it is recommended to take an online consultation to prepare you for these aids. This is also for the doctors to find out more on why you want to get cochlear implants, and to prepare you for the entire journey of getting them.

What will the online consultation cover:

  • What is the difference between hearing aids and cochlear implants?
  • What are the benefits of cochlear implant?
  • Does the entire treatment sit comfortably within your budget?
  • What to prepare for, before and after the surgery?
  • Any further questions about cochlear implants. 

After the consultation, if you are still keen on going forward with the surgery, we can arrange an appointment with our  partner surgeons to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the implants.

With more than 4 decades of global and regional experience in the assessment of hearing, consultations, and treatments, we aim to be a safe space for both new and active users of cochlear implants. Book your free online consultation with us today to begin your lifelong journey of new hearing.

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