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Consult ENT Specialist

Are you or a loved one, a positive candidate for cochlear implant? That is great! You are one step away from the surgical procedure but before that, you will need to go for more tests. These compulsory tests are to ensure that you are in a healthy state for the surgery. We can direct you to our partners where you will go for further evaluations such as:

Scans help to check your inner ear for any scar tissue or other obstacles which might prevent successful implantation. Both an MRI scan or x-ray scan will also provide the surgeon with more information regarding your cochlea and may indicate which ear would be better to implant the electronic device. The scan will also show whether there is any bony growth that can potentially compromise the cochlear implantation process.

The surgeon will review the results and advise, while discussing the risks and benefits of the implantation. They will also go through a detailed review of the surgery and recovery to answer all your doubts and worries about the process. 

Our partners’ multidisciplinary team of professional ENT specialists whose expertise are in providing treatment and care for ear conditions can guide and prepare you before the surgery.  They work closely with the audiologists, physical therapists, radiologists to provide you comprehensive care and support throughout this journey. Other professionals are consulted as needed. Call us for a professional referral today for a consultation with the ENT specialists.

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