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Cochlear Implants: How They Help People Hear Better in Singapore

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Hearing loss can be a considerable challenge for many people in Singapore. Still, with the birth of modern technology, individuals now have access to creative solutions to improve their hearing abilities. One such resolution is a cochlear implant, a small electronic device surgically embedded in the ear to enable individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.

How Does a Cochlear Implant Work?

A cochlear implant is an intricate device with two main parts: an external component worn outside the ear and an internal component surgically embedded inside the ear.

The external component includes:

  • A microphone that gathers up sounds from the environment
  • A speech processor that transforms these sounds into digital signals.
  • A headpiece that contains the external magnet that will connect the external component to the internal component

The internal component includes:

  • An Internal magnet that will connect the internal component to the external component
  • An electrode array is inserted into the cochlea- a small spiral-shaped organ in the inner ear that transforms sounds into electrical signals.
  • A receiver-stimulator obtains the digital signals from the speech processor and sends electrical stimulations to the electrodes in the cochlea.

The electrical impulses stimulate the auditory nerve fibres, allowing the brain to process and analyse the sounds as speech, music, or other sounds. Individuals with cochlear implants can regulate the volume and other aspects of the device using a remote or smartphone app, providing a new way to hear and understand sounds.

Why Are Cochlear Implants a Good Choice?

Cochlear implants provide more direct impulses of the auditory nerve fibres than hearing aids, which only intensify sounds. This makes cochlear implants a more reasonable option for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.

Note: Cochlear implants do not correct normal hearing but provide a new method for individuals to hear and understand sounds.

Cochlear implants provide a superior means of sound perception compared to hearing aids, as they directly stimulate auditory nerve fibres to bypass impaired hair cells in the inner ear. This makes them ideal for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss in Singapore. With a cochlear implant, people can communicate and participate in conversations, enjoy music, and even make phone calls like anyone else. Moreover, with the remote or smartphone app that controls the device, users can fine-tune their experience for optimum results. Cochlear implants are an excellent solution for those who have difficulty hearing and understanding sounds.

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