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The Ling Six Sound Check: Giving Babies and Toddlers a Strong Start in Hearing

The journey can be filled with challenges and rewards for parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers with hearing loss. This simple yet powerful test helps monitor the effectiveness of cochlear implants and hearing aids by which children are given a strong hearing foundation for speech and language acquisition.

What is the Ling Six Sound Check?

Imagine a quick and easy way to assess how well your child is hearing essential speech sounds. That’s precisely what the Ling Six Sound Check offers. It involves listening for six specific sounds:

  • ah (low to mid frequency)
  • ee (low to mid-frequency) 
  • oo (low to mid-frequency)
  • mmm (low-frequency) 
  • sh (mid to high frequency)
  • s (high frequency)

These sounds cover a broad range of the speech spectrum, allowing you to gauge your child’s ability to detect, discriminate, and identify the different speech sounds.

Why is it Important?

Early detection and intervention are essential for children with hearing loss. The Ling Six Sound Check is a crucial tool for:

  • Monitoring performance: Regularly conducting the check helps you track your child’s progress and identify any changes in their hearing ability.
  • Troubleshooting: If your child seems to be struggling with hearing, this test can alert you to potential issues with their hearing aids.
  • Building confidence: Knowing your child is hearing well can bolster their confidence and encourage them to actively engage with their surrounding.

How to Do the Ling Six Sound Check:

The beauty of this test lies in its simplicity. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Prepare: Ensure your child’s device is on and worn correctly. Make sure there are no sound leakages, and the battery is full. Sit next to them in a quiet environment.
  2. Present the sounds: Speak each of the six sounds clearly and naturally, without exaggerated lip movements or facial cues. Avoid rising or falling in pitch.
  3. Observe: Watch for your child’s response. Babies might widen their eyes, turn their heads, or change their sucking behaviour. Young children can be taught to drop a block in a bucket or raise their hand in response to each sound. Older children can be asked to point at pictures representing the sound or even repeat the sounds they hear.
  4. Record: Keep track of your child’s responses over time to monitor their progress.

Considerations for Different Ages

Remember, your child’s age and auditory skills determine their response levels.

  • Babies (0-12 months): Focus on their detection of sounds through behavioural cues.
  • Very young children (1-2 years): Teach them to playfully respond to each Ling sound, for example, by dropping blocks into a bucket.
  • Young children (3-5 years): Ask them to point at pictures or toys corresponding to each Ling soun] to help with discrimination and identification of each Ling sound.
  • Older children(6+ years): Ask them to point at pictures corresponding to each Ling sound or have them repeat the sounds they hear.

Our Takeaway

The Ling Six Sound Check is a game-changer for families navigating the world of hearing loss in young children. Providing a simple yet effective way to monitor and support their auditory development empowers them to build a strong foundation for communication and success. So, embrace this powerful tool and give your child the gift of confident listening and clear communication.

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